Fire and Light Performing Arts is Northeast Ohio’s premiere live event entertainment company and community flow art and dance studio.

  • Our entertainers create spectacular performances through movement of fire and light props, stilt walking, character acting, circus arts and other specialty acts. 

  • We integrate styles of flow art, dance, and other circus and performance arts. 

  • We inspire others to experience and learn the flow and fire arts (safely). (Take a class at our studio at IngenuityLabs at the Hamilton Collaborative!)

  • We provide a home for our growing flow arts community.

  • We offer creative thought leadership for developing special performances and fire safety methods.


Excerpts from the Flow Arts Institute and Fund the Flow Arts:

Flow Arts is a general term used to describe the intersection of a variety of movement-based disciplines including dance and object manipulation. The broad category Flow Arts includes a variety of pursuits that harmonize skill-based techniques with creative expression to achieve a state of present-moment awareness known as Flow.

The Flow Arts draw from a multitude of ancient and modern movement disciplines from taichi and Maori poi spinning, to martial arts and juggling, to circus arts, hula hooping, yoga, and modern fire dancing.

Common props include hoops, poi, fans, staves, levitation wands; and new props are constantly emerging.


Fire and Light was founded by Violette Robinson in 2014 to expand the reach of the flow arts in Northeast Ohio. Contact us here. For information about the flow arts and props, visit the Flow Arts Institute website

Watch our videos, and view our Instagram and Facebook pages for more images and video clips.

Learn more about some of our talented performers below!

Juliette Antony
fans, dragon staff, hoop, mini hoops, poi

Juliette has been a freelance flow artist since 2013 specializing in fan technique. She holds a Bachelors in Music Performance from The University of Akron with an emphasis in woodwind studies as oboe and english horn as her primary instruments. With her experience with traditional Filipino dance, Filipino combative training, and classical music background, she combines the knowledge she acquired to become an unique performer with LED and fire props. She travels the country to teach and perform, and has most recently taught at MOPS Manipulation 2016.


Jennifer Baker
hoop, mini hoops, knot

Jennifer Baker performs fire and LED single and multi-prop hoop dance. She was handed a hoop by her best friend more than five years ago and has been spinning in circles since! She loves to spread excitment and smiles with her love of flow arts. When shes not spinning, she creates and sells unique fiber art and jewelry for her business, Deadbug Creations.

Amy Butler

Amy has been hooping since 2010. She has been a massage therapist for 15 years. She enjoys applying the hula hoop to everyday stretching to assist tense muscles. Amy enjoys hosting hoop parties and classes to allow others to see the craft of hula hoop making, and learning the benefits of hula hooping as a form of excercise and movement meditation. In her spare time, Amy crafts hoops and jewelry and she teaches begginer hoop lessons.

Lisa Davison
hoop, mini hoops, fans

Lisa began spinning hoops in 2014, and started performing with fire and LED hoops in 2015. The flow arts have changed her life, and she feels grateful to be a part of the community full of amazing, dedicated, hardworking, and kind people. She is sponsored by Raye of Rain on Etsy and in her spare time practices yoga, does photography, and paints. She is a full-time nanny, and student in the occupational therapy assistant program at Cuyahoga Community College. 


Matt Edick
poi, fans, contact sword, contact staff, mini hoops

Matt, a graduate of The University of Akron's percussion performance program, has been performing music for 15 years.  His skills include 2, 3, and 4 poi, contact sword and staff, fans and mini hoops. Currently freelancing as a musician and fire and LED dancer/juggler, he plans to grow as an individual, while traveling, teaching, sharing and continuing his education. His hope is to use his abilities to advance artistic culture, advocate for the free exchange of ideas, and promote the communal spirit. 


Shenee King
Isis wings, flag poi

Shenee has spent 22 years teaching and performing African dance and creative movement to children and adults. She now performs as a flow artist with beautiful props as an independent performer and as a company member of Fire and Light Performing Arts. She also performs with Suga Shack Girls Entertainment Burlesque troupe.

Christian Medina
poi, double staff, mini hoops

Christian has been spinning poi since 1998, and he also performs double staff, mini hoops, contact juggling and various other flow arts and prop manipulation. When not performing, he is a Tech Analyst at at an Northeast Ohio firm. Originally from Long Island New York, he now resides in Akron, Ohio.

Samantha Novak
hoops, mini hoops

A jack of all trades for your entertainment experience, Samantha began her journey in theatrical performance in 2006 as a member of the Niles McKinley speech and debate team, acting competitively across Ohio. After being awarded a scholarship to Bowling Green State University, her drive for performance arts expanded to improvisational theatre, hula hoop performance and dance. With over 10 years experience in the performance arts, Samantha has worked for events like Electric Forest, The Great Lakes Medieval Faire, Wizbang Circus and many more. 

Violette S. Robinson
founding director; fans

Violette began learning fire fans in 2013, began performing in 2014, and founded Fire and Light Performing Arts in 2015. She holds a Master of Arts in French and a Bachelor of Arts in anthropology and environmental studies from Case Western Reserve University where she also receive a minor in dance. Violette established Fire and Light Performing Arts to combine her love of ballet and modern dance with the flow arts, to provide opportunities for talented local flow artists to share their work, and to enable the community to experience the flow arts.

Tasha Walls

Tasha began hooping in 2010, and stilt walking in 2017. The quest for knowledge, inspiration, and meeting others with a similar passion led her to start a flow art collective in the Akron area. Fire hooping provides Tasha with an outlet for physical activity and creative expression. Tasha travels to perform at festivals and community events, and creates her own line of jewelry and accessories.